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    Where’s my hat!

    Part of the torture of this strange, wonderful, winning season is that the Giants hat that I have worn for years — a black, wool, fitted model with a 2002 World Series logo on the side — has gone missing.

    Dan Fost in his favorite hat, tie and shirt

    I don’t know where the hat could be, and maybe I should let it go – after all, the Giants are on a pretty good run, and superstition dictates not messing with it. (After all, Aubrey Huff has taken to wearing a thong around the clubhouse, and the team is 6-1 since he put it on.)

    Maybe it’s a sign that I’ll be getting a new hat with a 2010 World Series championship logo stitched on the side. I will gladly pay for it!

    But if I find that other hat, or a reasonable facsimile, I will be very happy indeed, and I’ll start wearing it immediately.

    Until then, I’ve taken out a white wool fitted Giants cap that I bought at the last game at Candlestick in 1992, the game that we all thought was the Giants’ last in the Bay Area before they moved to St. Petersburg. The hat was $5 — SF hats would become almost worthless after that, I suppose the reasoning went. But it turned out to be the start of a great era for the Giants.

    Dan Fost and his son at a Giants game in August; Dan in his beloved white SF cap