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    The Latest Book From Giants Author Dan Fost

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    Here’s what people said about the 2012 Championship Edition of “Giants Past and Present”:

    Robert Walch, reviewing it for the Salinas Californian newspaper:

    Interest in the San Francisco Giants is at an all-time high since the team has won its second World Series in just three years. This revised edition features photos and information about the 2012 pennant-winning team….

    The volume is divided into 41 short, well-illustrated chapters that address nearly every facet of the Giants’ past. You’ll find sections on the great teams of yesteryear, famous playoff series, the owners, ballparks the team called home, famous position players and material about the Giants-Dodgers rivalry.

    Trivia buffs and those who like odd bits of information will enjoy the parts of the book devoted to “Giant Characters,” “Nicknames,” “Salaries,” “Uniforms,” “Bullpens, Dugouts and Clubhouses” and “Billboards and Scoreboards.”

    Some of the pictures you’ll probably want to share with fellow fans include a 2009 photo of a relatively svelte Pablo Sandoval, a vintage picture of second baseman Frankie Frisch (circa. 1923) that bears an uncanny resemblance to current outfielder Hunter Pence and Mel Ott’s 1935 batting stance, which also is somewhat reminiscent of Pence’s present stance.

    As reasonably priced coffee-table books go, “Giants Past & Present” offers as good an overview as any book currently available on the team.

    Here’s what people said about the first edition of “Giants Past and Present”:

    Gaylord Perry, Giants Hall of Famer:

    Gaylord Perry

    “I was with the Giants organization for 14 years starting in 1958. I was lucky enough to get to know New York Giant legends Dusty Rhodes, Carl Hubbell, and Monte Irvin. I played with fellow Giants Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey and Orlando Cepeda. My Giant teammates Jim Davenport, Bobby Bonds, the Alou brothers, and Tom Haller helped us get to the Hall of Fame.

    “The 2010 San Francisco Giant team became the World Series champions, thanks to the current ownership, management, and the great players. The San Francisco Giants have one of the oldest and richest histories in baseball. I’m proud to have been a Giant.

    “You’ll find all this and more in this great book. “



    Peter King, Sports Illustrated:

    “I loved the Giants’ crazy run through the World Series in 2010, and I love the way Dan Fost’s book captures the whole wild history of this great team. He’s got the triumphs and the heartbreaks, the Hall of Fame players and the orange-clad, beard-wearing, freak-flag-flying fans. I became one of the “Fear The Beard” millions when I went to Game 2 of the Series. I have the SF hat to prove it!”

    KNBR sports radio host Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy

    Brian Murphy, KNBR host, author of “San Francisco Giants: 50 Years” and “Worth the Wait”:

    “In Dan Fost’s colorful and compelling stories, Giants fans get a double treat. Not only can you re-live the great memories of the San Francisco Giants, but you get a chance to appreciate the historic lineage of one of baseball’s oldest franchises. Fost builds the bridge between New York and San Francisco, a must for true Giants fans.”

    M.C. O’Connor, Raising Matt Cain:

    The nice folks at MVP Books (now part of Quayside Publishing) recently sent me a copy of Dan Fost’s new coffee-table book (9-1/2 x 11 inches) called Giants Past & Present. It’s an organizational history from the earliest days of the Manhattan club in the 1880s all the way until the San Francisco 2010 World Series Champions. That’s a lot to cover, and it is impossible to do any one of the many great Giants stories justice, but they are all there from Merkle’s Boner to Juan Marichal clubbing John Roseboro. Mr. Fost organizes the book into chapters like “The General Managers” and “Rookies” and “Home Run Heroes” and gives a thumbnail chronology of the franchise and its characters in each one. It was a lot of fun to read, and the pictures are fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at the changes in the uniforms over the years, and I absolutely love the crowd shots from the old Polo Grounds where all the fans (mostly men) are in suits and wearing hats (not ball caps). And I never get tired of seeing some of the old fellows I used to root for like John Montefusco and Jack Clark. If you read this blog then you are a Giants fan. Not much reason to be here otherwise. I suggest you check out Giants Past & Present and add it to your collection soon. It should be on your couch next to the remote control. It will look good with salsa stains on the dust jacket–just try not to spill your beer on the beautiful photos.

    April 4, 2010: San Francisco Examiner

    Something to Read

    Just in time for the season opening, this attractive coffee-table book covers the baseball team’s long, fruitful history on both coasts, offering details on an organization that has more Hall of Fame inductees than any other team, as well as 20 pennants won over nine decades.

    March 31, 2010: Golden Gate Giants

    Review: “Giants Past & Present” by Dan Fost (plus an interview with the author)

    From David Tobener’s review:

    Apparently, one of the perks of writing for Fanball is that publishers will happily send you great books to review on your website. I received my copy of Giants Past & Present on Monday, and had finished reading through it by Tuesday morning. It’s a fascinating look at the Giants from their inception in New York through the present day, offering a bunch of great stories and little-known anecdotes that even the most devoted fans may have never heard before. For instance, did you know that in 1911, Charles Faust (a guy with absolutely zero baseball talent) told John McGraw that a fortune teller said the Giants would win the World Series if Faust was on the team? Or that McGraw bought it and kept the guy around as a mascot? Or that the same situation would repeat itself nearly 100 years later with Fred Lewis? (Ok, that part wasn’t in the book). I sure didn’t.

    While the stories are enjoyable, it’s the pictures that really set Giants Past & Present apart from most baseball coffee table books. The modern-day pictures all look good, with nice shots of Barry Bonds, Bengie Molina, Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval, and others, but the pictures from the team’s New York days really stand out. Fost and his publisher, MVP Books, really dug through the archives and came up with some terrific shots from as far back as the 1880’s. Over the years, the Giants organization has seemingly distanced itself from its New York days, so it’s nice to see such an important part of the team’s history represented in the book.

    It’s clear that Fost is a true baseball fan, and his passion for the game comes through in his work. Giants Past & Present is extremely well-researched, and there doesn’t seem to be anything left out that has to do with Giants baseball.

    March 29, 2010: Baseballisms

    Joe Magennis’ review:

    This beautiful coffee table book is set up in a Giants Past & Present format with each chapter examining and comparing the owners, the managers, key players for each position, even the details of the ballparks.  All of this is surrounded by over 200 stunning photographs.

    March 24, 2010: Remember ’51: Giants Baseball from NY to SF

    Giants Past and Present: A Must-Have Coffee Table Book for Giants Fans

    From Kevin O’Brien’s review:

    “Giants Past and Present” isn’t exactly cheap (it is priced at $25 dollars retail, $18 dollars on, but in many ways, it’s worth the price. It is the perfect book to introduce somebody to the Giants (such as a girlfriend, non-baseball fan, mail order bride, etc.), but it is also the perfect book to help Giants fans reminisce about the “good-old” (or in the case of the 1970′s, “bad-old”) days, not to mention learn facts or trivia concerning the franchise that they never knew before. (Did you know the Giants’ first owner back in the 1800′s tried to play baseball, but sucked it up so badly that he was forced to “build” his own team instead? Yeah…I didn’t either until I read Fost’s book.)

    It may not be able to be made into it’s own coffee-table like Cosmo Kramer’s, but this coffee-table book is essential for Giants fans.

    March 15, 2010: San Jose Giants Examiner

    Bay Area writer produces coffee table book on Giants past and present

    From Rob Fisher’s story:

    Longtime San Francisco Giant fans may want to pick up a copy of a new book tracing the team from its roots in New York in the 1880’s to the 21st century franchise now residing at AT&T Park. There’s even a chapter on the club’s farm system and the success of its affiliation with the San Jose Giants.

    “Giants Past & Present” is the work of San Rafael freelance writer Dan Fost, a former business writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. It’s part of a series of books about Major League Baseball from MVP Books.

    “The book is a celebration of the Giants,” says Fost. “They have had a lot of great years, thrilling moments and outstanding players that fans will enjoy reading about.”


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    1. Jane Prestup posted on March 27, 2011:

      COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds soooo great! I can’t wait to get this book. GOOD LUCK Dan Fost!

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