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    The Latest Book From Giants Author Dan Fost

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    New Book Giants Past & Present Celebrates The History of One of Baseball’s Greatest Franchises: The San Francisco Giants

    A Rare Glimpse at a Century of Winning From New York to San Francisco

    November 17, 2010 – San Francisco, CA. Giants Past & Present is the only major Giants book published in 2010, which fittingly has been the year in which the San Francisco Giants have broken through and won their first World Series title since coming to the Bay Area.

    Thousands of Giants fans have already gone out and snagged Giants Past & Present, a beautiful new coffee table book written by former San Francisco Chronicle reporter Dan Fost.

    Detailing more than 125 years of Giants history, Giants Past & Present (MVP Books; $25) vividly brings to life the players and managers, the ballparks and uniforms, and the moments and lineups that have defined the franchise from decade to decade. From McGraw and Mathewson to Mays and Marichal, from Hubbell and Ott to Bonds, Sandoval and Lincecum, the book celebrates everything excitement about the orange and black.

    Giants Past & Present goes around the horn to honor the legends at each position on the field and visits the memorable and distinctive ballparks that have housed the team on two ends of the continent. The book presents the players, dugout and front-office wizards, voices from the broadcast booth, hard-luck heroes, ballparks, and myriad rites of spring that keep fans coming back year after year.

    “As a longtime Giants fan, it’s exciting to bring fans the behind-the-scenes stories — from the little-remembered stars of the nineteenth century to the heroes of tomorrow,” Fost says. “I’ve tried to focus on bringing entertaining stories rather than merely listing the Giants’ many achievements. Fans will love the stories about the Giant greats, as well as learning about the little-known characters, like Mose Solomon, ‘the Rabbi of Swat,’ and Charles ‘Victory’ Faust, a good-luck charm who helped the great John McGraw win a pennant.”

    Giants Past & Present grew out of a story Fost wrote in San Francisco Magazine in 2008, “Lords of No Rings.” Fost was intrigued that this fabled team had somehow failed to win a World Series since moving to San Francisco in 1958, and relished the opportunity to delve deeper into the Giant’s storied past — from the wrenching failures to the tremendous victories. Fost is now reveling in the end of the the torture, and the book suddenly has an additional aura — it marks the the wake of a new era in San Francisco.

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    About the Author

    Dan Fost is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Popular Science, and San Francisco magazine. He has written numerous articles about the San Francisco Giants and is an avid baseball fan. He lives in San Rafael, California.

    About MVP Books

    MVP Books publishes a variety of titles in the fields of sports, health and fitness, and the outdoors, including lavishly illustrated coffee-table books, narrative histories and biographies. Established in 2009, MVP Books grew out of the sports publishing program begun under the Voyageur Press and MBI imprints, building on more than a decade of sports publishing experience. MVP’s versatile and authoritative list of books is highlighted by exceptional four-color photography and informative, entertaining text, continuing the tradition of high-quality publishing for the sports and fitness enthusiast. For more information, please visit



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