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    The Latest Book From Giants Author Dan Fost

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    The new cover: Celebrate!

    The timing was perfect. Author Dan Fost’s first book, “Giants Past and Present,” was published in March 2010 by MVP Books – the start of the greatest baseball season San Francisco has ever known. The year culminated with the San Francisco Giants winning their first World Series by the Bay, and Fost’s book selling out its first edition. A revised and updated second edition is hitting bookstores in time for the 2011 campaign.

    Giants Past and Present cover

    The cover of the first edition: Say Hey!

    From the 1880s to the present, from New York to San Francisco, “Giants Past and Present” covers the team from Hall of Famers to famous goats to the heroes of tomorrow. The book celebrates everything glorious about the orange and black — from McGraw and Mathewson to Mays, McCovey and Marichal, from Hubbell and Ott to Bonds, Sandoval and Lincecum. For fans who love the way the Giants have brought excitement and drama to the diamond for generations, “Giants Past and Present” is, in the words of reviewer Kevin O’Brien, “a must-have” and “essential for Giants fans.”

    Dan Fost

    Dan Fost is a freelance writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in technology coverage for newspapers and magazines but interested in a wide range of subjects. His Web site features his wide body of work for the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco magazine, the New York Times, and USA Today. He was a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle for nine years, covering technology, media and business. Dan is a graduate of Boston University and a native of New Jersey. He lives in Marin County with his wife and son.

    You can reach him at

    The updated edition of the book is set to hit stores in late April 2011. It will feature multiple revisions, including an updated World Series chapter, which can be read here: Sample Chapter.


    1. Mike Nickel posted on November 13, 2012:

      OK, Dan, so you wrote all the words on pages W37 through W60 of the Nov. 4 Chron, which I’m just now working my way through. But what I want to know is, did you sell all the ads too and run the presses for that section? Even if the answers are ‘No,” it was an impressive, Hall of Fame achievement.


    2. sanfrandan posted on November 13, 2012:

      Many thanks Mike! I know in this new age of journalism, many of us do indeed handle the production and revenue sides of the business. Fortunately for me, as a freelancer, I only turned in the copy. And the Chronicle sold so many ads for this section that – music to my ears – the longer the story, the better!

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